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It's time to make the
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with the funniest card game to hit Silicon Valley

Don't buy this game for your boss, buy five.

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What some smart people said about our game.

โ€œThis game is so dumb I bet @benedictevans wonโ€™t even make a Twitter Moment about it."

Chris Messina

"How did you make such a stupid game"

David Byttow
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Starting a startup?

Play our paradigm shifting game before pitching potential investors to shake off the nerves.
Or play with your team to fix your abnormally high burn rate before raising your Series B.
Play it as a parting ceremony for your now defunct startup as people empty out of the office.
Fun anywhere!
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Are you a pesca-pescatarian?

You are? Great! We care about sustainability just as much as you do. So you'll love how we built Disrupt Cards.
Our boxes are made with reclaimed paper to satiate your desire to make up for your privilege and yet have nice things.
Our cards are printed using biodegradable inks so that way when you drink Soylent, at least we didn't do anything to pollute it.
We check all the boxes

Buy Our Stupid Game for $25

Plenty of ๐Ÿ˜‚ guaranteed

Do you have any questions?

Can I invest?

Well yes you can. Please send your donation to the cashtag $disruptyourself and weโ€™ll gladly use your money to buy some new apple products (We hear the Apple Pencil is cool).

Where can I buy Disrupt Cards?

On the internet.

How do I play Disrupt Cards?

Here are the terms and conditions that you won't read.

Can I acquire you guys?

If your name is Marissa Mayer please send us an email at [email protected] If not go build an app for disappearing nudes or something.

What if I live outside of โ€˜Merica?

Unfortunately we're really busy so we didn't have time to think about people who like croissants. If you still want our game after insulting you please yell at us on Twitter. We'll get you sorted out.
UPDATE: You people do not like listening and bought a ton of boxes internationally so we've decided to ship boxes overseas if we recieve an accompanying paypal transfer here with your name / email according the following shipping prices and we'll make sure to get you your box. Canada - $15 Europe/Asia/Australia/Africa - $27 Toodles!

I want to suggest a card to Disrupt Cards.

Is your name Jack Dorsey? No? Then get the fuck out. ... Just kidding we love ya. Tweet it to us and we'll respond with an insult in kind.

You guys should make an app.

This game is making fun of Silicon Valley not taking part, dipshit.

Who are the amazing gods of humor who make this game?

We took a page from our SV brethren and wrote a trendy medium post about this here. Too cool for medium? Shut up you're a millennial go read it (and don't forget to hit recommend)

Why did you make this?

Because we're funny assholes.

When does my box come?

We believe in secrecy like Apple, so it'll be a surprise. Haha. (Probably not actually that funny for you but this is a one sided relationship so deal with it.)

I don't like the box I bought.

Then we feel sorry for you ... being a sore loser. Send us an email at [email protected] we'll give you your money back. (Is Uber really paying you that little to haggle over a bad decision?)

My box came broken.

We feel you. Buy a Ferrari, sell your overpriced house (you'll thank us later), quit your startup (don't forget to write the Medium post) and then realize a fucking card game that's broken is not that big of a deal. Just send us and angry GIF (or however the fuck you elitists pronounce it) on Twitter.

I get paid 130K a year to play with a computer and typed the wrong shipping address.

(facepalm) Tweet at us and tell us you did this exact thing, we'll retweet you and then get you on your way.

I want to buy the CEO of my startup this game as a gift.

Do you like your job? If you do or you're not quite done vesting yet you might want to hold off on that. But if you have "Courage." you can tick the 'this is a gift' option during checkout.

How do I contact you?

Reach us via carrier pigeon because we're hipsters or Twitter. Both will be extinct soon.

Will there be expansion packs?

The game is about Silicon Valley so I guess it's only natural we need to scale but by reading this answer you pledge to purchase any and all Disrupt Card expansions.

What does pre-production mean?

It means VC's didn't give us money so we need our first wave of orders to come in so we can hire people on H1-B visas to help us ship these boxes to you.